An Echidna Puggle


Echidna Puggle - so tiny!

The puggle above is housed in this u-beaut humidicrib
The puggle above was housed in this
u-beaut humidicrib

Echidna Puggle


A puggle is what you call a baby Echidna or Platypus.

The Echidna and Platypus are the only Australian marsupials that lay eggs and not live young.

The Echidna lays an egg which is then incubated in the pouch, which is really more like a fold of skin over the abdomen area which is closed with contracting muscles.

The newborn is hatched around 10 days later and the tiny puggle (less than 1.3cm long and around 0.3 of a gram) is carried in the pouch until it starts to grow spines. At this stage the mother leaves it in a burrow and only returns every few days to feed it.

The young Echidna leaves the burrow at around 6 months of age and is weaned approximately 4 weeks later.

When the Platypus lays eggs it is thought that she incubates them by resting them on her stomach and curling her tail over them. The young hatch around 10 days later and leave the burrow at around 4 months of age.


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