Sponsorship, Donations
and Contributors


Australian Geographic Society

In July 2005 the Australian Geographic Society generously offered to sponsor Fauna First Aid,
my wildlife lecture program as an ongoing project.
Click here for more information the program.


Digital Pacific

In November 2005 Digital Pacific generously agreed to sponsor Fourth Crossing Wildlife! FCW is now a huge 50MB - room for so much more information on Australian native animals.


Orange Veterinary Hospital

The team at Orange Vets generously offered consult time for wildlife free of charge. Medications and services (eg: x-rays) were provided at discounted prices.


Veterinary and Quarantine Centre
- Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo.

The wonderful team at the VQC, particularly Benn Bryant and Tim Portas, generously offer time, medications and services for the native animals in my care - all free of charge.

(this link is to the WPZ section of the Zoo NSW website)


Australian Geographic Society

AusGeo have generously donated a range of Australian native animal stuffed toys for use during Fauna First Aid presentations. I use the toys to not only demonstrate how to correctly hold a native animal that is sick injured or orphaned, but also as "hands on" fun for presentations to children.


MinkPlush by Tomfoolery Australia

MinkPlush also generously donated a range of Australian animal stuffed toys to use during Fauna First Aid presentations. I will use these toys to also demonstrate how to correctly hold a native animal that is sick injured or orphaned, and as "hands on" fun for presentations to children.


MinkPlush have again supported Fauna First Aid by donating "Big Russ" to the wildlife handling toy collection. A big thank you to MinkPlush.


CSIRO Publishing

CSIRO Publishing have very kindly donated the fantastic wildlife resource "Life of Marsupials" by Hugh Tyndale-Biscoe


Maxon Australia

Maxon Australia donated a Visimax projector - valued at $600 - to the Fauna First Aid program! 
Huge thanks to Maxon for such a generous donation, which will now reduce the cost of Fauna First Aid courses!


Flower Essence Centre

Marlene at the Flower Essence Centre in Victoria very kindly donated Rescue Remedy for the relief of distress in native animals.


Accidental Health & Safety

Derek Wells donated a huge box full of first aid items including wound washes, eye washes, Betadine, antiseptic spray, Savlon, bandages and
alcohol swabs.


The Sheep Bloke

Rob from The Sheep Bloke donated a fibreglass wombat to Fourth Crossing Wildlife. Wilbur the Wombat travels with Linda for Fauna First Aid wildlife courses and delights adults and children alike!


Gum Flat Public School

During a Fauna First Aid lecture at Gum Flat School (teaching Wildlife Spotting!) the kids ran an ice cream fund raiser for my wildlife work and a whopping $120.00 was presented to me! A million thanks to these wonderful children for loving the wildlife and for helping me make Fauna First Aid for kids
bigger and better!


Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia

WPSA have very kindly provided me with a grant to attend the 2010 National Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference in South Australia and also to attend the 2011 Wombat Conference in Albury NSW. Thank you WPSA, I truly appreciate the support you show me and my wildlife work.


North Hill Vet Clinic

Sarah Butler of North Hill Vet Clinic in Armidale generously offers her consult time for wildlife that come into my care free of charge. Medications and services (eg: x-rays) are provided at discounted prices or for free. Being my local vet, I offer much gratitude to Sarah.


CSIRO Publishing

CSIRO have provided a 15% discount on the following quality resources: Australian Magpie, The Platypus, Echidna - Extraordinary Egg-laying Mammal, Wedge-Tailed Eagle and Wildlife on Farms (go to Resources in Wildlife Information for more information).


Book City Orange

Thanks to Phillip and Margaret Schwebal for heavily discounting the resource Mammals, Biology and Captive Management and also for discounts on other quality resources.


Dick Smith Electronics

Penrith Dick Smith Electronic Warehouse was very kind and gave a substantial discount on my most recent purchase - a laser thermometer. I can know take the temperature of critters without having to handle them which is great inasmuch that distress due to handling can be kept at bay.


Flower Essence Centre

Marlene at the Flower Essence Centre in Victoria very kindly provided a discount on glass bottles with droppers so that I can made up the homeopathic remedy Arnica (which can be used in wildlife first aid to help reduce shock, distress and bruising).


Wildlife Victoria

I've been wanting Medicine of Australian Mammals for a long time and with the help of Wildlife Victoria (and Gum Flat Public School) I was finally able to buy it. Wildlife Victoria sold this fantastic resource to me at the hugely discounted price of $130.00




Brian & Debbie Barnes


Margaret Larner


Chris McGregor


Coralie Letica


Murray Gillies


Len and Christine Riding


Roz Holme


Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania


Sue Kimberley


Sonya Stanvic


Kim Rolls


Katherine Lohse


Cheyne Flanagan


Cheryl Dooley


Rhonda McClymont


Jennie Clowes


Donna Treby


Anne Fowler


Brenda Cheers


John Lyle


Marion Andrews


Lance Ferris


Yvonne Marie Sitko

  Lesley Baird
Sharon Blair   Cameron Lane and Michele Barnes
Anne-Marie Dineen   Marian Andrews
Susan Scott
  Wendy Neilan & Hank Bower
Dave Pinson   Robert Britza
Therese Black   Nicholas Bishop
Judi Gray Liz McNeil
Annette Colling Stuart Clowes
Tim Portas   Robin Crisman
Hazel & Dennis Hanrahan   Kirsa Veal
Frank Mikula   Emma Cash
Natasha Crook   Steven McNeil
Peggy Rismiller Di Scott
Sophie Mayhew Brenda Marmion
Australian Reptile Park   Kali Sachs
Maddie Reinecker   Claire Smith

Kwill Photography

  Michelle Thomas
Gordon Rich   Kay Muddiman