Western Grey Kangaroo



Macropus fuliginosus
"sooty long-foot"




Note the ears are not fully furred to the tip.
This is an excellent way to distinguish the Western Grey Kangaroo from the Eastern Grey Kangaroo


click here to see an Eastern Grey Kangaroo


other names

Black-Faced Kangaroo, Mallee Kangaroo, Sooty Kangaroo or Stinker



Male: Head and body length from 946 to 2225mm. Tail length from 425 to 1000mm. Weight around 53kg. Similar in appearance to the Eastern Grey Kangaroo but more brown in colour. Ears are fully furred at base only, then very finely furred or skin only to tip (Eastern Grey Kangaroos have fully furred ears from base to tip). Finely furred muzzle. Adult males have a strong odour.

Female: Head and body length from 971 to 1746mm. Tail length from 443 to 815mm. Weight around 27kg.

The Western Grey Kangaroo can be found in a small areas in south-western Queensland down though the most westerly regions of New South Wales and Victoria into eastern South Australia (being absent from the dry interior) and in the east of Western Australia. There is also a population on Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia. Some areas overlap with the Eastern Grey Kangaroo. The Western Grey Kangaroo is classified as abundant but is protected throughout its range.

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