The Flying Fox Manual
by Dave Pinson




The new revised, updated, and greatly expanded second edition of the flying-fox manual prints out to the equivalent of around 1200 pages, and is lavishly illustrated with over 900 photos and illustrations (many of which are interactive). The purpose of this manual is to provide an up to the minute and comprehensive reference guide for flying-fox carers (both novice and seasoned veterans), veterinarians, students, field workers, and anyone generally interested in the rehabilitation, conservation, and welfare of flying-foxes in Australia. As with FFM 2007, this work is divided into five main sections: introduction; hand-rearing orphans; adult flying-fox care; health and treatment; and appendices.

The introduction section comprises of 22 subjects;

covering such topics as the different species, anatomy, reproduction, behaviour, ecology, public health, and ABLV vaccinations.

Orphaned babies is divided into 48 sections; offering a full and comprehensive guide to hand-rearing orphans: equipment, stabilising, housing, hygiene, feeding, feeding problems, detailed stages of development, crèching, and releasing - it’s all here.

Adult care is divided into 35 sections: covering rescue guidelines, specific rescue situations, examination, stabilising, housing, feeding, rehabilitation, releasing, and permanent care. Health and treatment now has 66 sections; from assessment, and medical guidelines, to a full A to Z of injuries and conditions ranging from abrasions through to worms - covering signs, treatment, dose rates, special considerations, nursing techniques, and a new series of case histories.

Lastly, an appendices section covers subjects not easily categorised into preceding sections such as ethics and objectivity, euthanasia, backyard netting, food trees, a complete glossary of terms, and further suggested reading. With over 12000 internal links, many print-friendly charts, and at least three navigational methods on every page, this electronic book is both easy to read and navigate, meaning that all information is simply accessed or printed out with the click of a mouse.

This manual (the second edition) is, and will be, an ongoing work, with regular updates, changes, and additions planned as and when collective knowledge advances and dictates. As before, it is planned that a new revised and updated manual will be available every second year.

The Flying Fox Manual
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