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Mick McIntyre, Pebble (a Bare-Nosed Wombat) and me
Mick McIntrye, Pebble (a Bare-Nosed Wombat) and me

Pebble and me
Pebble and me


Mick McIntyre presents the IFAW award


Pebble, a Bare-Nosed Wombat




When: Tuesday 2 October, 12.00 pm
Where: Hotel Canobolas, 248 Summer Street, Orange

Linda Dennis of Fourth Crossing Wildlife has been recognized for her contribution to animal welfare by being awarded the IFAW Action Award for education.

The award will be presented today as part of Animal Action Week by IFAW Asia Pacific Director, Mick McIntyre.

"Greater knowledge and understanding of our native wildlife is vital for the provision of the best care for injured animals. Linda Dennis has been recognized for her dedication to conservation and her contribution to wildlife care education," Mr McIntyre said.

In 2003 Linda established a website (www.fourthcrossingwildlife.com) to provide information to wildlife carers throughout Australia and the world so that native animals receive the best possible care during all stages of rehabilitation.

Fauna First Aid was developed by Linda in 2004. Sponsored by Australian Geographic in 2005 this Wildlife Lecture Program is used to teach veterinary nurse students at TAFE on the safe care of native animals while in surgery. It is also used for teaching community groups, school children and the public on wildlife awareness, rescue, housing and short term care of native animals.

During the past eight years Linda set up Fourth Crossing Wildlife near Orange in NSW, which has become an officially designated Wildlife Refuge and the site for the successful release of many rescued and rehabilitated native animals, including wombats, kangaroos, wallabies and birds.

Linda is one of five animal heroes across Australia to receive this IFAW accolade, which recognises people's outstanding work with wild or domestic animals.

The winners have been chosen after IFAW called for Australia-wide nominations from friends, family and work colleagues of people who do exceptional work with wild or domestic animals.

"We hope that by highlighting some of these exceptional people more Australians will acknowledge and respect the important part that animals play in our global world," Mr McIntyre said.

IFAW's Animal Action Week is in its fifteenth year and takes place in 15 countries around the world. More than 1000 schools in Australia will be taking part this year, using specially designed IFAW education materials focusing on Emergency Relief for Animals.

Visit www.animalactionweek.com.au for further information.

Interviews with Linda Dennis and other media enquiries:
Erin Schrieber, IFAW Communications Officer, '(02) 9288 4993, or '0437 414 329, eschrieber@ifaw.org

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IFAW Animal Welfare and Action Award

Linda's Acceptance Speech

Article in Linda's local paper - the Central Western Daily

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