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Banded Huntsman Spider
Banded Huntsman Spider


Well really, there isn't any!

Huntsman spiders, such as the Banded Huntsman and the Common Huntsman are rarely aggressive and it is more their large size that is intimidating and which often results in them being killed when found in homes. Any signs of aggressive behaviour is usually by the female when her eggs are being threatened and such a display is meant more to intimidate the predator. Huntsmans rarely bite - but don't give them the opportunity as it does hurt when they do decide too!

Huntsman's are really quite useful and are often seen in homes eating nuisance insects that have also found their way inside. Consider them as the environmentally friendly insect eradicator!

This Huntman Spider (pictured) was found one morning when I awoke and saw some hairy legs sticking out from behind my pillow! When I see a Huntsman Spider in my home I usually leave it be (unless it is looking skinny from not enough food) but I tend to move them quick smart when they want to share my bed - and this one frightened the hell out of me!

Capturing and removing a Huntsman spider is easy - all you need is a clear container (so you can see what's going on) and a piece of firm cardboard. Place the container over the spider and slide the cardboard underneath so that the spider moves from the wall (or what ever surface it is on) into the container. Flip the container back keeping the cardboard over it like a lid. Take the whole thing outside and shake the spider out into the garden. Easy!

So you see, there really isn't any reason you should kill a Huntsman Spider.

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