Kangaroo Claws!


This rather large Eastern Grey Kangaroo was safely behind a fence when I took his photo - until he jumped over it with no effort what-so-ever!

He is a wild roo living on our property who has been wooing one of our hand raised Eastern Greys, Lilly.

We call him Bubba!


As stated in many area's of Fourth Crossing Wildlife, I believe that keeping most native animals as pets is not a good idea, for example: the kangaroo.

You may recollect reading the following sentence in Short Term Care:

A cute male kangaroo joey will also grow to be a strong and aggressive adult who is an expert at "boxing", and you will lose the fight!

Well just look at the claws that cute joey could end up slicing you open with! Those claws are designed to fight with, and the long claw on the middle toe of his foot is even more dangerous - designed to gut open their opponent.

Just something for you to keep in mind!


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