by Cheryl Dooley


Macropology is a fantastic guide for raising, rehabilitating and releasing kangaroos, wallabies and wallaroos. Pretty much everything you need to know about raising and releasing orphaned macropod joeys can be found in this clear, concise and easy to use manual.

Macropology is written by Cheryl Dooley, who lives in the northern rivers area of New South Wales with her husband Stephen. Cheryl is a long time carer with vast experience in raising macropod joeys.

can be downloaded free of charge by visiting Cheryl's web site. Many thanks to Cheryl for allowing a link to Macropology from Fourth Crossing Wildlife - with this information being widely advertised and freely available to all wildlife carers, there will be many more viable macropods being returned to the bush...... which is exactly where they belong!




The Macropology care guide is in PDF format and is 4.7MB.















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