Western Grey Kangaroo Birth


Licking a trail from the cloaca to the pouch

The tiny pink joey is just below mums head


The long trip to the pouch

As seen in this photograph of a Western Grey Kangaroo, just before giving birth a Macropod will often, but not always, lick a path from her cloaca to her pouch which helps guide the new-born joey to the pouch.

The joey travels the distance, totally unaided by its mother, by using its front claws to climb through the fur.


It is a dangerous journey as the tiny joey can quite easily fall if knocked, and sometimes may miss the pouch opening all together.


You can see the pink joey just below the mothers head (as she has a sticky beak!).


Here you can see the joey as it is nearing the pouch. Once inside the pouch the joey will find its way to one of four teats where it will attach itself. Its mouth will then fuse onto the teat and will stay attached for several months.




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