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A Guide to the Care of Bare-nosed Wombats
by Linda Dennis
Kim Rolls, Anne Fowler and Anne-Marie Dineen

A Guide to the Care of Bare-nosed Wombats is a comprehensive guide and includes the following sections
  • Care Guide - by Linda Dennis
  • Veterinary Guide - by Kim Rolls and Anne Fowler
  • Naturapathic Guidey - by Anne-Marie Dineen

The Care Guide is full of quality information on how to properly care for Bare-nosed Wombats including
  • Brief History
  • General Biology and Development
  • Rescuing
  • Hydration
  • Raising Orphaned Joeys
  • The Unwell Joey - The Carers Perspective
  • Caring for Larger Wombats
  • Housing
  • Release
  • Living with Wild Wombats
  • Case Studies
A Guide to the Care of Bare-nose Wombats
The PDF file is 9.06MB in size.

I recommend that you do not print this resource as I am currently updating the guide to Version 4 which will be out late 2022

This wildlife care resource is free to use for individual carers.
Sanctuaries and zoo's are asked to contact Linda
to lodge usage details and to provide feedback.
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