Fourth Crossing Wildlife

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by Linda Dennis
A sad story of Arnica, an Eastern Grey Kangaroo joey with a broken leg.

By Linda Dennis
An amazing experience caring for Spike, a Bearded Dragon, with a broken jaw.

Avian Pox - a Cruel Disease
By Linda Dennis
The story of Fry, the Australian Magpie, and her battle with avipoxvirus.

by Linda Dennis
Fuddles was a pet and my job was to get him back into the wild!

by Linda  Dennis
A Bare-nosed Wombat joey is sick... but it's far from what's expected.

by Linda Dennis
WARNING: images may be distressing to some viewers
This story highlights why ALL domestic pets should be managed carefully.

by Linda Dennis
Snuffles, an echidna, is in care after being hit by a car.

by Kelly Stumles
The story of a baby Spotted-tailed Quoll, being raised in care.

Love Prevails
by Linda Tabone
The story of two hand-raised wombats that find wombat lurv.

By Shelly Burrowes
The story of a possum joey with Crush Injury and Compartment Syndrome.

Meet Maddy
by Linda Dennis
The story of a very lucky little Swamp Wallaby.

by Helen and Robbie Taylor
Quite a different rescue story - two eagles trapped under a cattle grid!

Phoebe's Story
by Alexandra Seddon
The story of Phoebe, a Grey-headed Flying Fox.

by Anonymous
The tragic discovery of drowned platypus and fish in an illegal net in the Mary River in the Obi Obi valley.

by Linda Dennis
The story of a possum where rehab has gone wrong.

by Linda Dennis
Volunteering on a mortality study for the Western Ringtail Possum.

by Steve McNeil
The tragic story of Rue, an Eastern Grey Kangaroo, and her children.

by Linda Dennis
My experience when volunteering for the 2007 Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat Hair Census.

by Linda Dennis
The surprising connection between seizures and poo (or lack thereof).

by Alexandra Seddon
A heartwarming story of 8 emus.

The Sassiet Wallaroo
by Linda Dennis
The story of Sassy, the wallaroo who thought she was human.

by Linda Dennis
A heartbreaking end to the rehabilitation of Thump, a Red Kangaroo joey.

by Linda Dennis
Released Wallaroo, Squilch, comes back home with twins!

by Annette Colling
Wal was injured and sick. But he was clever enough to seek human help!

by Linda Dennis
The threats wombats face and the work people are doing to save them.
Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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