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Alexandra Seddon

Born of Russian aristocratic heritage in London, Alexandra came to Australia when she was 2 years old and cared for her first injured Australian native animal when she was just 10 years old, a honeyeater.

Alexandra’s Australian flora and fauna conservation work really kicked off when she, her husband and brother co-purchased “Cowsnest” farm in Candelo NSW in 1975. The property soon became a wildlife sanctuary and “halfway” house where rehabilitated native animals were given a soft release.

In 1997, Alexandra purchased the property now known as Panboola Wetlands, home to 160 species of bird plus other Australian wildlife. In 2001 Alexandra established the Batty Towers Flying-fox Sanctuary and Hospital, which she purchased to protect the flying-foxes of the region. In 2006, Alexandra purchased a wildlife sanctuary in Yellow Pinch NSW, which is now widely known as Potoroo Palace. All three properties are now listed as charities – they cannot be sold or bought and all wildlife are protected.

Today Potoroo Palace is active in community wildlife education, teaching visitors about the animals on display at the sanctuary. These animals include wombats, koalas, quolls, flying-foxes, emus, macropods, dingoes, echidnas and so much more.
Alexandra's Contribution to FCW

Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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