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Annette Colling

Annette Colling graduated from Macquarie University with a Masters degree in Wildlife Management in 2007.  

Up until recently, Annette was managing Secret Creek Wildlife Sanctuary in Lithgow, NSW.  Annette was also the  Executive Assistant for the Australian Ecosystems Foundation Inc, a non-profit conservation organisation that carries out a variety of environmental work from breeding endangered species to bush regeneration.
Their website is

Annette is now a veterinary nurse in north-eastern Queensland.
Annette spends her spare time caring for orphaned, sick or injured wildlife. Just some of the animals that Annette has cared for include Rufous Bettong, Eastern Quoll and Red-necked Pademelon joeys in pouches, dingoes, quolls and flying foxes.

Annette also enjoys camping, kayaking and spending time with her horses, dogs and family.
Annette's contribution to FCW

Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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