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Australasian Zoo Keeping
Web Master - Geoff Underwood
This  site deserves a special mention in this section as there are a multitude of wonderful  guides available on many Australian native animal species, plus a whole heap of  other foreign species for those of you who are interested.

The  guides on the site are written by various individuals and establishments, including  wildlife carer volunteers and zoo handlers. Some of the titles that can be found  at Australasian Zoo Keeping are:
Tasmanian  Devil Husbandry Manual
Koala Husbandry Manual
Platypus Husbandry Manual
 Parma Wallaby Husbandry Manual
Tree Kangaroo Nutrition Chapter
Yellow-Footed  Rock Wallaby Husbandry Manual
and  more!

Wildlife  carers, please keep in mind that most of the resources on the site are husbandry  manuals.... meaning that they are written for animals that are kept in permanent  care (like zoo's!), however the information is still invaluable to us as they  contain information on dietary needs, housing, substrate and enclosure furniture,  handling and so much more. Although there are more and more wildlife care guides  for orphaned, injured or sick critters being written these days, some species  are not catered for and these guides provide enough information to allow us to  care for them appropriately.

Happy  reading!
Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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