Fourth Crossing Wildlife

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Australian Reptile Park

The Australian Reptile Park’s keepers are always kept busy hand-raising orphaned animals like the Green Catbird.
ARP has hand-raised many animals including Barry the wombat, Matilda the wombat, Archie the koala, Stanley and Sassy the Tasmanian devils and many birds including a Boobook owl called Boo who now lives happily in the bird aviary at the Park.
ARP keepers are extremely dedicated (like any wildlife carer) and if they had a dollar for every hour of sleep missed, they’d be very rich! They love what they do and become attached to their beautiful “babies”.
Orphaned animals remain at the Reptile Park to educate people about their species and many of them are endangered.
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ARP's contributions to FCW

Green Catbird chick

Green Catbird
Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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