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Di Scott

Di Scott's wildlife interests were instilled in her from a very young age. Her father bred canaries and finches, and she was her fathers shadow, learning excellent animal husbandry and training without realising how it would influence her future. Also her father was the man in the neighbourhood who you called if you had a possum in the roof. Di was always amazed by them and she would sneek down to the garage as a child when dad was upstairs having a cup of tea to have a chat with them. Her father all those years ago thought of them as pests. God rest his soul, if only he knew how many possums she has rescued and nursed back to health inside her home on the south coast.
After a long career in hairdressing (retired now) she joined a wildlife group and started rescueing and caring for birds of every shape and size, and then had the pleasure of welcoming possums back into her life, brushtails, ringtails and gliders. Ringtails and feathertails are still her most loved. Every afternoon on her way home from work she took great delight in gathering fresh yummy leaves and flowers for them all and learning as much as she could about wildlife, researching and asking questions.         
Di is now a volunteer at Taronga Zoo, and in February 2012 she starts Certificate II in Animal studies. Di believes that for her it is never to late to be what you were meant to be and do what you were meant to do. Taronga Zoo is giving her an amazing opportunity to spread positive conservation messages from our backyards and beyond. Sharing and securing a shared future for wildlife and people.
Di's Contribution to FCW

Superb Fairy Wren
Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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