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Frank Mikula

From                  an early age Frank had a keen interest in birds and in particular raptors. Spending many hours with binoculars in hand, he enjoyed                  time spent observing birds of prey in the wild and when he finally                  came to working with birds at Australia Zoo he thought his dreams                  had come true.

Whilst                  at Australia Zoo Frank was able to develop his skills with animal,                  and in particular bird conditioning techniques which lead him                  to working with free flight display birds. These skills he has                  now converted to his raptor rehabilitation and the free flying                  of birds to prepare them for release back to the wild.

Frank is now the Wildlife Curator at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, joining the team in 2011.

Frank has been in the zoo industry for 20 years and brings a world of knowledge and passion to Lone Pine. Along with completing studies in the field, Frank spent four years in South Australia setting up a rescue centre which specialised in the conservation and rescue of Southern Hairy-nosed wombats and raptors, among other native wildlife. Some of his off-site expeditions included population surveys of the endangered Red Goshawk in far North Queensland, and several team research trips to Cape York collecting information and researching the movements of Estuarine Crocodiles within their natural environment.             
Frank's Contribution to FCW

Barn Owl chick
Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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