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How to Catch a Spider
by Linda Dennis

It really upsets me when I hear of people killing spiders in their homes, particularly Huntsman Spiders. These guys are big and look frightening but really are harmless.

They don't need to be killed and it is so easy to rescue and release them.
Here are some easy instructions - it only takes 5 steps!
1.  It's best to use a see through container so you know what the spider is doing at all times. Make sure the container is big enough to fit over the entire spider so that you don't damage the spiders legs.

2.  Place the container over the spider.

3.  Slide a piece of paper or cardboard underneath the container.                  

4.  The spider will move into the container and be held in there by the paper wall.

5.  Release spider outside!
Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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