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Janine Davies

Janine started her wildlife care with marine mammals in 1989 whilst living in Sydney and remained actively involved until mid-2013 after rescuing many companion animals since she was a child.

In 2006 Janine moved to the south coast and would often sit outside in the spring and summer months sharing her backyard, which backs onto the Bomaderry Creek walk, with many Grey-headed flying-foxes who would visit the large number of trees in and surrounding her property.

In January 2013 Janine commenced rescuing and caring for bats and now is a member of Sydney Wildlife.

Janine is also involved with independent education and carries out educational talks and various training courses as well as being an administrator on several wildlife pages, including Bats – Bomaderry and Beyond where she shares media and other information on bats, both local and internationally.
Janine's Contribution to FCW

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Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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