Fourth Crossing Wildlife

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Kangaby Wildlife

Kangaby Wildlife is situated on a 500 acre natural bush property near Rosedale Queensland and is dedicated to the care and protection of all native wildlife.

Specialising  in macropods (kangaroos & wallabies), Kangaby Wildlife are committed to rescuing,  rehabilitating & soft releasing injured, orphaned & sick  animals both young and old.

The  beautiful bushland around Kangaby Wildlife is home to many species, such as gliders,  possums, goannas, water dragons, snakes, bandicoots, bettongs, bats,  wallabies, kangaroos & lots of birds.

Kangaby Wildlife are volunteers and shift work 24/7 to provide the best care to  the amazing and precious wildlife that need a helping hand.

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Kangaby Wildlife's Contribution to FCW

Wildlife Rescue Awareness
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Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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