Fourth Crossing Wildlife

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Kelly Stumbles
Kelly started volunteer wildlife caring in 1998 with the Wildlife Carers of Glen Innes and then joined the Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers in 2006, which she is still a member.

She has cared for a wide variety of native animals during her time as a wildlife carer including many common species and several threatened and endangered species. Whatever animal has needed to be rescued or cared for she has done it along with being a Reptile Handler.

Some of the unique animals she has cared for are the Spotted-tailed Quoll, Echidna, Rakali, Long-nosed Potoroo, Bell’s Turtle, and Greater Glider to name a few. She has cared for various macropod, possum, reptile, and bird species.

Over the years she has attended numerous training courses and the Australian Wildlife Rehabilitation Conferences to expand her knowledge of wildlife caring, which she believes you can never stop learning about no matter how long you have been a carer for.

Currently she is caring for two Swamp Wallabies, two Wallaroos, a Brushtail Possum, a Spotted-tailed Quoll, two Eastern long-necked Turtles, a Blue Tongue Lizard, a Galah, an Olive-backed Oriole, a Kookaburra, and a Magpie all whilst working full time.
Kelly's Contribution to FCW

Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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