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Lance Ferris

My last day with Lance
26th July 2007
Lance Ferris, affectionately known as "The Pelican Man", was the co-founder of Australian Seabird Rescue, which he established with Marny Bonner in 1992.  He helped to establish ASR groups on the NSW south coast and in South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria.

He was well known in the wildlife community particularly in the Northern Rivers of NSW where the headquarters of ASR are located.  He was larger than life, a larrikin and well known for his flying leaps into the water to catch injured or unwell pelicans. He held a deep passion to rescue and rehabilitate not only seabirds but also endangered sea turtles.  He saved thousands of pelicans, hundreds of sea turtles and many other native animals as well.

In his previous life Lance was a police officer, he resigned in 1980.  He also spent time as a teacher’s aid and working with troubled youth.
I became friends with Lance only a short time before his death.  We had regular Skype chats where we discussed wildlife rehabilitation at great length, and also whinged about the crap that often comes with it.  

Lance passed away after a stroke on 14th October 2007. He is sorely missed by wildlife conservationists from around the globe, friends and family, members of his local community... and me.

Lance's ashes were scattered on the sandbank in the Richmond River at Ballina.  Marny Bonner, said it was Lance's wish that his ashes be scattered at the place where many of his beloved pelicans can be seen daily in the river.  

Rest in Peace, my friend, may you soar with the pelicans.

** Lance gave me permission to share this resource many, many moons ago.  It was uploaded to FCW way back in 2007 but it is now being uploaded to my newly designed website.
Lance's Contribution to FCW

Capturing Pelicans and Other Birds That Can be Lured
PDF file - 1.24MB
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