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Linda Tabone

Linda and her husband Emy moved to Tasmania in 2004.  Linda decided to start a new chapter in her life and become a wildlife carer. She took the necessary wildlife course and soon after started looking after wallabies and pademelons.

However, a love for wombats was always in Linda's heart and eventually DPIPWE agreed that Linda could become a wombat carer. So their property gained three wombat enclosures of different sizes, all built by Emy, and they started the hard work of being carers to multiple wombats.

Linda and Emy have since raised 55 wombats and they continue to be Linda's most loved animal!

Linda's health has unfortunately gone down hill in the last few years so she can no longer take wombats through to release anymore, but can still take on tiny pinkie wombats that others can't do due to how time consuming they are. At around 2-3kg Linda passes them to one of the carers that she mentors.

At the age of 71, Linda hopes to have a few years left to be able to look after her beautiful special babies!
Linda's Contribution to FCW

Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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