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My Wildlife Reference Books
these are the fantastic books that I regularly use
in alphbetical order
(I don't sell them)

Australian Magpie - Biology and Behaviour of an Unusual Songird
Gisela Kaplan
CSIRO Publishing
ISBN 0 643 09068 1
If you ever wanted to know about the secret life of Magpie's, then this is the book to buy.  
A very interesting read.

Australian Mammals Biology and Captive Management
Steven Jackson
CSIRO Publishing
ISBN 0 643 06635 7
If  there is only one book on native animals that you can afford, this is probably the one to get.
It has quality information on a wide range of Australian mammals.

Captive Raptor Management & Rehabilitation
Richard Naisbitt & Peter Holz
Hancock Hous Publishers LTD
ISBN 0 88839 490 X
This is a fantastic book for raptor rehabilitators - everything you need  to know about raptor rehabilitation.

Care of Australian Wildlife
Erna Walraven
New Holland Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
ISBN 1 74110 207 3
Fantastic book released in 2004 (revised) with loads of information on caring for Australian wildlife.
Lots of useful and interesting tips.

Caring for Australian Native Birds
Heather Parsons
Kangaroo Press
ISBN 0 7318 1304 9
Heaps of information about caring for native birds.

Caring for Australian Wildlife
Sharon White
Australian Geographic
ISBN 1 86276 021 7
              This book has a lot of useful information including the correct way to hold wild animals, rearing tips,
correct housing information and more.

Caring for Kangaroos and Wallabies
Anne & Ray Williams
Kangaroo Press Pty LTD
an imprint of Simon & Schuster (Australia) Pty Limited
ISBN 0 86417 897 2
              Wonderful book in a great series of wildlife care manuals.  
A must have for any macropod carer.

Caring for Possums
Barbara Smith
Kangaroo Press Pty Ltd
ISBN 0 86417 680 5
              Another wonderful book in a great series of wildlife care manuals.  
A must have for any possum carer.

Echidna - Extraordinary egg-laying mammal
Michael Augee, Brett Gooden and Anne Musser
CSIRO Publishing
ISBN 0 643 09204 8
Another great book by CSIRO publishing - this one is hot off the press. Comprehensive information on this                extraordinary mammal including evolution, anatomy, reproduction, behaviour and more.

Encyclopedia of Australian Wildlife
Readers Digest
ISBN 1 876689 34
This book has information on all kinds of Australian wildlife, including marsupials, aquatic animals, bugs and more.
Great for kids projects.

Field Guide to Australian Birds
Michael Morcombe
Steve Parish Publishing
              ISBN 1 876282 10                 
A comprehensive guide of Australian birds with a wealth of information including species description, detailed illustrations, voice description, habitat, etc. There is also a separate section with breeding, nest and egg information.

Field Guide to the Birds of Australia
Graham Pizzey & Frank Knight
Angus & Robertson
              an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
ISBN 0 207 19714 8
A comprehensive guide to the birds of Australia, including introduced birds. Information is easily referenced
                and include species description, detailed illustrations, habitat, range, status and breeding.

Insects of Australia
John Goode
Angus & Robertson Publishers
ISBN 0 207 13427 8
Compact book for taking in the field. Lots of useful information for those interested in bugs!

KoalaRehabilitation Manual
Cheyne Flanagan
Koala Hospital Port Macquarie
Covers capture and handling, age-classing, sickness and injury, enclosures and more.  
Best koala manual available.

Life Of Marsupials
Hugh Tyndale-Biscoe
CSIRO Publishing
ISBN 0 643 06257 2
Fantastic scientific resource coving opossums, predatory marsupials, bandicoots,
pygmy possums and gliders,
koalas, greater gliers and possums, wombats and kangaroos.
This book was most kindly donated by CSIRO

Medicineof Australian Mammals
Larry Vogelnest & Rupert Woods (Editors)
CSIRO Publishing
ISBN 9780643091504
Great resource for wildlife carers wanting to learn more about treating sick and injured wildlife.
Fantastic resource for vets!
This book was purchased with the help of Gum Flat Public School (Inverell) who ran an
ice cream fund raiser for me and to Wildlife Victoria who sold the book to me at a hugely discounted price.

Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia
Harold G. Cogger
Reed Books
ISBN 0 589 50356 1
This is quite an old book, but still an important resource to own if you are interested in reptiles.

no graphic available
(my wombat ate the cover!)
The Complete Book of Australian Birds
Reader's Digest
ISBN 0 949818 99 9
Great photography in this book and full of in depth information.

The Mammals of Australia
The Australian Museum
(edited by Ronald Strahan)
previously published as "The Complete Book of
Australian Mammals"
Reed New Holland
ISBN 1 876334 88 6
Update and even better than the original. This book is one of my prized possession's.

The Platypus - a Unique Mammal
Tom Grant
UNSW Press Australian Natural History Series
ISBN 0 86840 143 9
Everything  there is to know on the secret life of the Platypus. Its chapters are in seasons and explains
the life of the platypus in winter, spring, summer and autumn. Great read.

The Wombat
Barbara Triggs
UNSW Press Australian Natural History Series
ISBN 0 86840 263 X
This  is a great book detailing everything you need to know about the Bare-nosed Wombat, including rearing tips,
behaviour, etc.  It also has some great photography and illustrations.

Tracks, Scats and Other Traces
Barbara Triggs
Oxford University Press
ISBN 0 19 55099 4
If you want to find out what type of mammal is living around your home then this is the book to buy.
There is also some information on reptiles and birds in the book.

Wedge-tailed Eagle
Penny Olsen
CSIRO Publishing
ISBN 0 643 09165 3
One of my favourite animals - the Wedge-tailed Eagle. This book is loaded with information for any raptor lover
including distribution, habitat, hunting technique, reproduction and chick development.

Wild Neighbours
Ian Temby
Citrus Press
ISBN 0 9751023 5 4
The humane approach to living with wildlife.

Wildlife Health Investigation Manual 2005
Karrie Rose
                Zoological Parks Board of New South Wales
ISBN 0 646 44833 1
This is a great resource to own if you are a wildlife carer, veterinarian or just interested in Australian native animals. C
hapters include Clinical Signs & Lesions of Concern, Laypersons Guide to Sample Collection, Diagnostic Procedures,
Post-mortem Examination and many more.

Wildlife on Farms - How to conserve native animals
David Lindenmayer, Andrew Claridge, Donna Hazell, Damian Michael, Mason Crane,
Christopher MacGregor and Ross Cunningham
CSIRO Publishing
ISBN 0 643 06866 X
A really good book with heaps of information and ideas on how farmers can manage working farms
while still enjoying (and encouraging) wildlife on the property.
Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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