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Red Healer

At the the Australian Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference in Melbourne Dr Sarah Brett (a most amazing vet who specialises in the treatment of wildlife) told us about Red Healer Cream and its amazing healing properties.
I decided to get some and check it out and trial it on.... ahem myself (I have dermatitis).
I'm so impressed with this cream. Only a very small amount is needed and lesions may heal within a week (from my personal experience), of course it would depend on the type of wounds being treated.
This cream is a herbal and essential oil blend in a natural carrier base using natural preservatives. Developed for the use in horses and dogs it can be also be used on wildlife.
Red Healer is currently undertaking a very positive trial using Red Healer on wombats suffering Sarcoptic mange. Check out their findings so far.
Click on the link below to go to the Red Healer website
Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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