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Scott Carver

Scott Carver is an Associate Professor in Wildlife Ecology at the University of Tasmania. He has spent much of last decade working to improve understanding of the biology of Bare-nosed Wombats, with a particular focus on the impacts and management of sarcoptic mange disease. He has been fortunate to have a fantastic lab of talented graduate students and colleagues to support this focus. Scott strives to work with many stakeholders and undertake research that translates to support policy, regulations, education, management, on ground applications, and care of wombats and other wildlife.

While Scott's lab has had a particular focus on wombats, they have also worked on a wide range of other issues including: the health of Koalas, penguins, possums, Tasmanian Devils, and other species; vector ecology and mosquito-borne disease issues; pathogen transmission in wild and domestic cats in the US; advancing the practice of managing wildlife diseases in nature; and more fundamental research on wildlife biology, physiology, genetics and ecology.

In 2024 Scott is commencing a new academic position at the University of Georgia (USA) where he will continue his research focussed on wildlife health and conservation, including maintaining a level of research on wombats.
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Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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