Fourth Crossing Wildlife

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Sharon Blair

South Australia is Sharon's home state however; her husbands work took the family to  Sydney where they stayed for twenty three years. During this time, Sharon became involved in wildlife care and enthusiastically rescued and rehabilitated many species and learnt so much from other carers who generously shared information and support.  

After returning to Adelaide, Sharon became more and more involved with birds, in particular raptors. She also became a bird bander and ran the ‘Raptor Rehabilitation Project’ as raptor co-ordinator for the ‘Birdcare and Conservation Society Inc. of SA.  Sharon  served on the committee for well over eleven years.

Sharon has cared for 3,000 odd birds and has run campaigns when legislation needed to be challenged and changed to protect our natives.

The Birdcare and Conservation Society published the book 'Caring for Rescued Birds' so that it could be used as basic information for new carers. It was a calaboration compiling the book with so many veterinarians and carers, etc, from SA and throughout Australia generously contributing their experiences.
Sharon's contribution to FCW

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Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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