Fourth Crossing Wildlife

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Shelly Burrowes

Shelly started rescuing wildlife in 2011, and is celebrating her 12th anniversary in wildlife conservation. She was a foster-carer before becoming a licensed Shelter Operator, establishing Hamilton Wildlife Shelter in 2015.

Shelly’s first ever joey was a Brushtail Possum joey, Peewee, followed by Red-necked Wallabies, Leeroy and Lucy, and she has a special fondness for both of these species.

Over the years Shelly has rescued and rehabilitated many species, including Red-necked and Swamp Wallabies, Eastern and Western Grey Kangaroos, Brushtail and Ringtail Possums, Eastern Pygmy Possums, Sugar Gliders and Feathertail Gliders, Shingleback and Bluetongue Lizards, echidnas, bats, Long-necked Turtles, many species of birds (parrot species are her favourite), Emus and Koalas - but overall, she has a well-rounded knowledge of most species in her region.

In Shelly’s spare time, she has volunteered for conservation projects, including the Eastern-barred Bandicoot Program (Hamilton Parklands site) and the Great Gariwerd Bird Surveys.

Education-wise, Shelly has completed a Diploma of Conservation and Land Management, after which she worked for an Ecological Services company. Most of Shelly’s fauna species knowledge, however, still comes from working with our wonderful native wildlife as a Wildlife Shelter.
Shelly's Contribution to FCW

Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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