Fourth Crossing Wildlife

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Steve McNeil

Steve has been involved with wildlife, since the 2009 Victorian, "Black Saturday" bush fires. He was inspired by a burned and dehydrated kangaroo, which had made its way onto the property where he worked. When the suffering fire victim had drank water from his hands, Steve became determined to do what he could to help.

Steve and his wife, Liz, started out by transporting pet and stock feed to fire victims, until they could do their first basic rescue training course. Having completed the initial, necessary courses, they quickly gathered experience on the fire-ground, by feeding and rescuing the starving wombat populations of the desolated mountain ranges, as well as learning to assess injured kangaroos both on and off the fire ravaged areas.

Wanting to gain experience and knowledge of as many different species as possible, they soon became members of Wildlife Victoria, taking any rescue calls they could. Since then, they have been working with possums, birds and reptiles of whatever species is offered them, and is within their capability to care appropriately.

As an ex-hunter, Steve has been able to use his hunting knowledge and firearms licence for the benefit of our native wildlife, rather than for the destruction of the mainly introduced species which he used to hunt.

Seeing all species as of very extreme importance to their natural environment, he's also become licensed as a Venomous Snake Handler, and is trying to reach past people's fear, to reduce the number of snakes which are killed by people, and teach others how to live more comfortably with snakes.
Steve's Contribution to FCW

Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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