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The Care and Hand-raising of Orphaned and Injured Bandicoots
by Rhonda McClymont

This  Bandicoot care guide is another great guide for wildlife carers to have in their  wildlife libary as there is little known about this rather mysterious creature.

Rhonda  McClymont has cared for Bandicoots for many years. In her guide, Rhonda has shared  knowledge on many aspects of wildlife care.

Following some of the chapters in  the guide:
  • General  appearance.
  • Juvenile  / Adult Rescue
  • Joey  Rescue
  • Handling  after Rescue
  • Cat  Attack
  • Dog  Attack
  • Puncture  Wounds
  • Motor  Vehicle Collision
  • Ticks
  • Stress
  • Housing
  • Diet
  • Rearing
  • Ageing
  • Hygiene
  • Release
  • Parasites  and Parasitism
  • Veterinary  Aspects of Care
  • Breeding  Live Food

To  obtain a copy of these notes email  Your email will then be forwarded to Rhonda who will contact you and send you  a set of hardcopy notes (there is no electronic version available).

Rhonda also provides ongoing support for those carers who have Bandicoots in care  and may not have cared for them in the past.
Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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