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What to do with a Wiggling Wombat
by Linda Dennis

What to do with a Wiggling Wombat, written by Linda Dennis, is a short guide that is written for children so that they can learn more about our wonderful Australian wildlife.

Although titled "Wiggling Wombat" the guide covers all native animals including birds, kangaroos, reptiles, koalas, and of course wombats!

This mini-manual, which details correct handling technique, is distributed to all students who attend my "What to do with a Wiggling Wombat" Fauna First Aid session for them to take home and share with their families.  

The guide covers:
  • Rescue technique
  • Handling
  • Feeding natives

What to do with a Wiggling Wombat
The PDF file is 640kb in size.

This wildlife care resource is free to use for individuals.
Sanctuaries and zoo's are asked to contact Linda
to lodge usage details and to provide feedback.
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