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Wildlife Awareness
by Linda Dennis

Wildlife Awareness is a comprehensive full day course presented by Linda Dennis.

Wildlife Awareness is a general introductory to wildlife care and rescue.  

The course includes the following topics:            
  • Taxonomy and Identification
  • Spot the Difference
  • Rescue
  • Short Term care for
       - Possum and Glider
       - Macropod                                                  
       - Echinda                                                  
       - Platypus                                                  
       - Wombat                                                  
       - Koala                                                  
       - Raptor                                                                                          
       - Magpie, Currawong and Kookaburra                                                  
       - Parrot                                                 
       - Lizard                                                  
       - Turtle
  • Living with Wildlife
To book a course, or get more information on the course outline please contact
Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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