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Anne-Marie Dineen

Anne-Marie qualified as a Herbalist in 1990 and completed an advanced diploma in health science Naturopathy in 2000. In 2002 after rescuing several injured animals she decided to learn more about wildlife and joined a local wildlife organisation.

After attending several workshops Anne-Marie began caring for possums and soon progressed to birds and macropods. When she began caring for an Eastern Grey Kangaroo joey with thrush it was second nature to devise a herbal formula to treat him. He responded extremely well to treatment and over the next few years Anne-Marie's herbal thrush formula was requested by many fellow carers who used it with similar success.

Since then Anne-Marie have devised several herbal formulas, ointments, creams, homeopathic and nutritional remedies.

Anne-Marie's remedies are sent all over the country and her naturopathic business has more animal clients now than human!

At present she is caring for macropods and has the luxury of living on 300 acres which is suitable for release for a wide variety of animals.

                 Anne-Marie is the author of the naturopathic guide for                  A Guide to the Care of Bare-nosed Wombats.
Anne-Marie's Contribution to FCW

(author of the Naturopathic Guide)
Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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