Fourth Crossing Wildlife

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Maroo Wildlife Refuge Inc
Jo and Glen Burston

Flange teat

          Teats- Tiny Pinkies, Bandicoot, Wallaby and Numbats
No 1. Kangaroo Pinkie and Wallaby
No 2 Kangaroo over 1.5kg and larger Wallabies
No 3 Kangaroo 3kg to 5kg
No 4 Kangaroo 5kg to 10kg
No 5 Kangaroo 10kg to weaning

Flange teat to fit a small baby bottle
(great for arthritic hands)

Teats can be used for other mammals too,
including wombat, koala and more!

They can last up to 6 months!

Enquiries to Jo: 0409 086 973

PLEASE NOTE : these items are sold by Maroo Wildlife Refuge NOT Fourth Crossing Wildlife


Burston Blues clear teats

Fourth Crossing Wildlife
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